Leidenschaftliche Bilder für Ihre Seele, die Sie berühren und Herzklopfen verursachen.

1st Prize

„Very interesting and poetic image, nothing is apparent and obvious in it! I love how the subject communicates with the viewer, she is looking directly into the lens as if she wants to tell us something. Her hair is flying but her face is perfectly still. I love how it leaves us with only a glimpse of the story. Bold editing style adds even more mystery to it, making the image even more intriguing and fascinating. Amazing storytelling, congrats“! – Marko Nadj/The Judge

“I love this photograph a lot. Flying hair attracts my attention and brings dynamic to pic. I am happy to see the new talent on CPC Portrait Awards Contest“ – Olga Polo/The Judge

Top 25

Photocompetition „Farbenfroh, Kunterbunt“ by Photo + Adventure

1st Prize

by Competition „Stadtansichten“ from German Journal „Foto-Hits“ 2019

„Das tanzende Haus in Prag ist schon so ein hervorragendes Motiv. Die Lichtspuren, die mithilfe einer Langzeitaufnahme von 13 Sekunden entstanden, schenken ihm zusätzliche Dynamik.“


1st Prize

by Competition-Challange „Duisburger Innenhafen – Architecture & Light“ 2018

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